You Can Save the ScanVan

Project Renewal's ScanVan, the nation's first mobile mammography clinic, provides breast cancer screenings and care coordination to vulnerable women throughout New York City and Long Island - regardless of insurance, financial means or language barriers. We serve over 4,600 women a year in more than 240 sites - free of charge.

But the ScanVan is in jeopardy. We need your help!

After 11 years on the road, the ScanVan is breaking down. We’ve had to cancel over 50 screening events due to maintenance problems this year, leaving hundreds of women without mammograms. Unless we can raise $200,000 for a new ScanVan, this program - that thousands of underserved women count on - will end.

You can be a champion for women in need. Your donation will help us buy a brand new ScanVan and continue saving lives for many years to come.

We are grateful for your generous support!


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